Janice and John at The One and Only

For someone who has never worn a dress before, Janice completely rocked being at being a bride. She definitely takes the prize for the most chilled out bride ever.  A super-relaxed couple and family, beautiful flowergirl, and a stunning windless evening in Cape Town... a pleasure to photograph!

Janice and John at The One and Only
janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_037.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_001.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_000.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_027.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_039.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_008.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_009.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_026.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_040.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_013.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_033.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_034.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_036.jpg janice_and_john_one_and_only_cape_town_038.jpg


  • Marinda

    AWESOME!! what a gorgeous bride!

  • Delre

    Awesome pics as always.

  • AndreaC

    Love the natural moments ..and the hands!

  • Janice

    There was a reason why the first thing we arranged for our wedding was the photographer! Jules you have an amazing talent. Thank you for capturing our special day in such a unique way.

  • Jacqui

    What a HAPPY HAPPY bride - full of the joys of life!

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