Deb's Boudoir Shoot

I did a boudoir shoot with Deb's afew days before her and Dax's wedding. Dax organised some champagne and made himself scarce while we did the shoot at Ellerman House, where they were staying. I had loads of fun doing the shoot - Deb's is a complete natural in front of the camera. While boudoir shoots are really personal, Deb's was kind enough to let me put some of the more 'innocent' photographs online - I think she looks stunning!

Deb's Boudoir Shoot
Deb's Boudoir Shoot


  • Rene Kruger

    This is really good stuff, Jules! Good to have you back on the blog. And congrats with the birth of your baby.

  • Jen Baker

    Sizzling! Whoever Dax is... he's a lucky man ;-)

  • Deb's Puttergill

    Hey Jules! These look great - thanks for the magic you work... But your gorgeous son takes 1st prise - man, he's CUTE!!! Love Deb's

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